Multi-Client Research

Brightwork Partners conducts several multi-client studies each year. Active 2017 titles include:
Retirement Services Intermediaries 11
The next cycle of the study that has set the standard for 401(k) advisor research for the past 16 years. RSI 11 will interview approximately 600 advisors deriving income from 401(k) plans. Service models recommended; provider channel penetration; number of plans written by size; selection criteria for providers; detailed ratings by name of providers used. Rotating topics include response to DOL fiduciary regs; preferred target date fund design; advisor services and value proposition; advisor business development models, fund families used and RIA status. Available QI. Table of Contents, RSI 10
Third Party Administrators 5
Modeled on RSI studies (above), 250 TPAs who administer 401(k) plans stratified by number of plans. Business development model; services offered; perceived growth opportunities; provider channel penetration; selection criteria for provider partners; detailed ratings of provider partners by name; investment providers used for open architecture platforms; attractive elements of a preferred provider program. Extensive description of TPA firms by segment. Trended to four studies since 2005. Available immediately. Table of Contents, TPA 5
Voice of the DC Participant 4
Approximately 1,000 active 403(b), 457 and 401(k) participants focusing on their knowledge, behavior and attitudes, overall retirement income planning and advisor use. Targeting 580 403(b) participants, 100 457 participants and 400 401(k) participants. 403(b) participants stratified by work setting including Public K-12; Private K-12 and Private Higher Ed; Public Higher Ed; NFP Health Care and Other NFP. Trended to three prior studies beginning in 2010. Available QIV. Table of Contents, VDP 3 All Plans; Table of Contents, VDP 3 403(b) Participants
403(b) Advisors 2
Approximately 150 advisors and consultants active in 403(b); profiles, segments and analyzes their practices in detail including 403(b) provider selection criteria and use; provider personalities; perceived sweet spot and likelihood of using for a multi- versus a single-provider plan sponsor. Trended to our 2012 study; available immediately. Table of Contents, 403(b) Advisors 1
Hospitals and Health Care
Our first-ever vertical plan sponsor study; administrators and financial officers of approximately 250 for-profit and NFP acute care, teaching and specialty hospitals; long-term, ambulatory and nursing care facilities; and physician group practices. Plan types offered; whether multi-or single-provider; participation and deferral rates; service model; investment offerings and advice support; QDIAs, managed accounts and in-plan guaranteed options; use of auto features; advisors used; provider selection criteria and satisfaction with incumbent; probability of switching. Available immediately.

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